Wax Motif & Vindata


“Crazy” is available now.

Australian electronic artist Wax Motif releases a brand new single today, “Crazy,” in collaboration with the trendsetting LA duo Vindata. The track highlights the production strengths of both artists, combining Wax Motif’s signature “G House” sound with Vindata’s hip-hop, and indie R&B inspired production. Needless to say, the track lives up to its name.

“Crazy” is Wax Motif’s follow up to his collaboration with Destructo featuring Pusha T and Starrah , “Catching Plays”. Certainly, it’s fair to say Wax Motif has gone from strength to strength, having gone from working with one of hip-hop’s most in-demand artists in Pusha T, to Vindata, a production duo as en-vogue and in form as any.

“Crazy” marks Wax Motif’s first solo release on Gary Richards’ (Destructo) label HITS HARD.